Meet the team!

Dr. Laura Condon

Associate Professor Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences

Research interests:  Large-scale water sustainability and the dynamic behavior of managed hydrologic systems in the context of past development and future climate change.  |  @lcofthedesert  |  research gate


Luis De La Fuente

PhD Student

Research interests: Filling the gaps between Hydrology and Machine Learning, Lumped models, streamflow and groundwater interactions. |  @LuisDeL78071021

Patricia Puente

PhD Student

Research interests: Nonlinear streamflow time series analysis, groundwater, and machine learning. |  @ppuentex

Danielle Tadych

PhD Student

Research interests: Exploring Connections Between Groundwater, Agriculture, and Economics in Arizona using Hydrologic and Economic Models

Amanda Triplett

PhD Student

Ben West

Masters Student

Research interests: Groundwater modeling

Post Docs and Staff

Rubab Saher

Rubab Saher

Post Doctoral Researcher

Garry Forger

Project Manager II

Research interests: HydroGEN Project | Linkedin

Will Lytle

Will Lytle

R&D Software Engineer III

Former Students

Abe Farley MS Student and Coverdell Fellow Exploring connections between idealized watershed properties and signal filtering using spectral analysis 2021
Matthew Thomas Ford MS Student Connections between cropping trends, water availability, and groundwater regulations in Arizona 2022
Robert “Quinn” Hull MS Student Using simulation-based inference to determine the parameters of an integrated hydrologic model: a case study from the upper Colorado river basin 2022
Mekha Pereira MS Student Statistical relationships between groundwater, climatic, and economic factors in southeastern Arizona 2022
Garrett Rapp MS Student Sensitivity of Simulated Mountain-Block Hydrology to Subsurface Conceptualization 2021
Rachel Spinti BS/MS Student An analysis of the impact of small dams on river fragmentation and regulation in the contiguous united states 2021
Emily Gaub MS Syracuse University, Spring 2018 Evaluating Baseflow Recession Behavior using the Integrated Hydrologic Model ParFlow 2018
Nima Fayez MS Syracuse University, Spring 2018 Climate Change Impacts on Western Reservoir Operations: A Case Study of Bull Run Watershed, Portland, Oregon 2018
Karyn Ehmann MS Syracuse University, Fall 2017 Monitoring turbidity from above: Applying small unoccupied aerial vehicles to image in-stream turbidity 2017

Former Postdocs and Staff

Dr. Jun Zhang Postdoctoral Researcher National Groundwater Modeling
Dr. Katie Markovich Postdoctoral Researcher (2018-2020) Sustainable groundwater management in arid mountain block systems
Daniel Luna R&D Software Engineer Software and machine learning
Tanisha Lohchab Masters Student Data Science