Educational Tools

ParFlow SanTank

An online simulation tool that lets users interactively simulate and visualize groundwater movement through a virtual slice of the subsurface. Users can adjust groundwater levels, change subsurface properties, pump groundwater, and add pollutants then watch the system respond in real time.

Sand Tank ML

An online tool that builds upon the ParFlow Sandtank, allowing users to explore fundamental machine learning concepts and how machine learning technology is being applied in hydrology.

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Water Whys

The Water Whys is a vertically integrated research project bringing together undergraduate and graduate students across multiple disciplines to develop scientifically accurate and easy-to-understand graphical answers to water questions.


University of Arizona Public Lecture Series:
The water Beneath Our Feet

I served on the technical advisory committee for this series on Arizona Water.

Talk by Laura Condon at South by Southwest “I know what your watershed did last summer”

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